Nir Sabarov


Profile:  Adv. Nir Sabarov heads the firm’s commercial litigation department and also specializes in commercial law.

Adv. Sabarov represents various private, public and commercial bodies in all areas of civil-commercial-administrative litigation in all judicial instances, including as part of arbitration and mediation proceedings and in complex disputes. 

Adv. Sabarov specializes in complicated disputes in areas relating to contractors and infrastructures, including B.O.T. projects, and also represents government companies in this field. 

Adv. Sabarov also advises the firm’s clients in all areas of commercial law. 

Practice Areas:  Commercial litigation and commercial law

Education:  LL.B and B.A. in Business Administration, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, 2000

Admitted to Practice:  Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001